Kaitlyn Pscodna



Kaitlyn Pscodna earned her degree in Dietetics from Michigan State University and completed her dietetic internship at the University of Minnesota – The Emily Program. Kaitlyn owns her own private practice, serves as the sports dietitian for Track and Field, Cross Country and Gymnastics at the University of Minnesota and is the campus dietitian for the students at St. Catherine University. Kaitlyn is also finishing up her Master of Social Work at the University of Michigan.


Ericka Jones



Ericka Jones is passionate about creating spaces where individuals from all backgrounds feel valued and included. She believes that diversity, equity, and inclusion are not just buzzwords but essential components of a successful, thriving organization and a way for people to thrive. Through her 16+ years of work experience in DEI, she has helped organizations create more equitable and inclusive environments, increasing employee engagement and belongingness.


Mara Schanfield


Schanfield is an educator, consultant, and coach. She is committed to improving the conditions for learning and development through relationship-building and physical well-being. Through her business, SELECT Coaching, she helps youth-serving organizations embed social and emotional learning strategies and sport-for-development approaches into their youth programs to promote healthy environments and inclusive relationships. She has coached soccer and basketball from U6 to U18.


Dr. Sarah M. Kaja


Sarah M. Kaja, PhD is an Assistant Professor in the University of Minnesota Department of Pediatrics. A graduate of the University of Minnesota School of Kinesiology, Sarah's research involves optimizing the contributions of sport and physical activity to young people's development. 


Katie Steele


Katie Steele, LMFT is a former highly recruited D1 athlete who ran track and cross country for the famed University of Oregon team. After experiencing her own trauma as a college athlete, she dedicated her career to the integration of mental health care in athletics.

Dr. Katie Steele, blonde wavy hair, tan top

Christine Bright



Christine Bright has en working in the Sport Based Youth Development field for over a decade as a coach, mentor, and program director. She has coached soccer at all levels, including U-5, a college team, and everything in between. Christine rounds out her love for sports as a tool for learning and growth with her experience working with girls and doing feminism and activism work with young people. She also loves to help her community by consulting for mission-driven organizations to improve their program evaluation and strategic planning.