Support the WCS

Please consider supporting the Women Coaches Symposium by making a donation to either of the below funds.

Women and Sport Leadership Fund [20374]
The fund provides a flexible source of financial support for Tucker Center research, and educational activities and community outreach in areas/issues that examine women and sport leadership. Funding may be used for a broad range of needs and purposes including but not limited to research and outreach program expenses, equipment, travel to conferences, lectures, symposia, and other such activities that support and promote this line of scholarship. Decisions on fund expenditures are made by the Tucker Center director in consultation with the co-director. Make a donation now.

Jean K. Freeman Endowment for the Women Coaches Symposium [21306]
To support a Women Coaches Symposium for the Tucker Center, intended to be an annual event, to provide high quality educational programming and professional development, networking, community for women in the coaching profession as established by the Tucker Center for Research on Girls & Women in Sport under the direction of the Director and Associate Director. This fund will be used first to support the Jean K. Freeman Distinguished Keynote speaker, which is to honor Jean's legacy and her strong sense of education, athlete development, community service, giving back and mentoring young coaches. The priority of this fund is to support the keynote speaker and then any remaining funds can support the symposium. Make a donation now.