Alicia Pelton

Founder, Athletic Leadership Alliance & Athletic Director, Madison West High School

Alicia Pelton has spent the past 30 years actively involved in sports as an athlete, wife, mother, manager, teacher, business owner, coach, mentor, board member, marketing director, and high school athletic director. Her range of experiences have weaved through many diverse segments of the population in various parts of the world and have helped her understand the perspectives of players, coaches, owners, and parents. In 2015, Alicia founded Athletic Leadership Alliance. She actively engages the community to grow the game for females from participation to leadership roles on a state-wide youth through high school level. She is vocal in the local and state community focusing on changing rules and policies, growing collaborations, and educating communities. In 2018, Alicia was one of the founding members of the Wisconsin Women’s Soccer Advisory Council, which celebrates females in soccer. She is one of the principle advocates responsible for growing girls hockey in Wisconsin, now the fastest growing girls hockey state, by 25% in three years.

In 2019, Alicia took the role of Athletic Director at Madison West High School, the fourth largest school in Wisconsin, and is striving to have an impact on Wisconsin high school sports for girls, currently ranked as one of the lowest ten states in participation.

A 1987 graduate of Janesville Craig, Alicia was a varsity basketball, track, cross country, and tennis player. She went on to the University of Wisconsin – Madison to run track and field as a triple jumper and heptathlete. After a career ending injury she completed her dream by playing basketball in the Swedish Elite League. Alicia earned a BA at UW-Madison in Sociology and a master’s degree in Sports Leadership, MSLD, at Northeastern University. She is a 2011 inductee into the Janesville Athletic Hall of Fame.


headshot of Alicia Pelton, an adult brunette woman in a grey top