2019 WCS Program & Schedule

Women Coaches Symposium, Friday April 19, 2019


The theme for the 2019 Women Coaches Symposium is "self-care for coaches." Currently the mental health and well being of athletes is an important and hot topic in coaching circles. What gets overlooked is the health and wellbeing of coaches! Who is taking care of coaches? Holistic health and well being of coaches will be addressed in multiple ways with a variety of fantastic women speakers!

[program, speakers & schedule are tentative and subject to change]

updated 3.25.19


Come early! Doors open at 7am for Registration including picking up your WCS t-shirt sponsored by adidas, Networking, Vendor Exposition, Raffle item viewing, Photo Booth, Gratitude Wall, drop off your sports bras for the Sports Bra Project, & Breakfast/Coffee in the DQ Room. Optional morning yoga will be available during registration.


7:15-8:00     MORNING YOGA (physical well being) in the Indoor Club Room

with Dr. Daheia Barr-Anderson

Physical well being is important for coaches. Take some time for yourself and start your WCS with a yoga practice that will energize and center you for the day! All levels of yogis welcome :)

8:30               WELCOME in DQ room

Nicole M. LaVoi, Ph.D., Director, Tucker Center for Research on Girls & Women in Sport

Julie Manning, Executive Associate Athletics Director, University of Minnesota

Marci Kornegay, Director of Membership, WeCOACH (formerly the Alliance of Women Coaches)




9:00-9:50      MORNING KICKOFF KEYNOTE in DQ room

The Mind-Body Connection: Self-Care from the Inside Out

with Kathy Flaminio, LGSW, MSW, E-RYT-200, is the founder of 1000 Petals LLC,  

The work you do as coaches each day takes its toll, often with negative impact over time on your health and well-being. Yet, relief is possible with simple “mind body” self-care practices that will help you avoid stress, exhaustion, and ultimate burnout. The truth is “The more we support ourselves, the more we support our teams.”  During this fun and engaging experiential presentation, you will learn and practice breathing exercises, mindfulness practices and yoga-based movement including the Five S's for Stress Reduction. The power of the brain-body connection will become clear through discussion of neuroscience and the stress response. Walk away with simple and effective self-care skills you can incorporate into your own life and share with your players.


10:05-11:05     BREAKOUT SESSION #1

Breakout A: (emotional, social, physical well being)

Stop Reacting, Start Responding: Practical Mindfulness for Coaches in DQ room

with Kat Longshore, PhD

This workshop will focus on Mindfulness as a strategy for coaches to, in essence, “help them help themselves” and in doing so enable them to be their best for their athletes and teams (and really everyone in their lives!). Being a mindful coach is not just about sport, it’s about self-care and an enhancement strategy for life overall, which in turn helps performance on the field and in the locker room. The workshop will cover some basics around what mindfulness is and isn’t, and explore some of the key ways mindfulness can be of benefit to coaches. The focus will be on managing stress and riding the waves of emotions more skillfully, as well as understanding how mindfulness helps us shift from being reactive (habitual, automatic) to being responsive (chosen, intentional). Since we know that to learn something new we need to practice, we will spend a lot of the workshop engaging in different mindfulness exercises and reflecting on the experiences. Spoiler, you won’t eat a Hershey Kiss the same way again! The workshop will be a combination of education, discussion, practice, and reflection. The overall aim is to increase coaches’ knowledge and provide hands-on experience, and leave with practical strategies for implementing mindfulness into their lives and coaching.

Breakout B: (spiritual well being)

Spiritual Principles for Human Potential & Radiant Wellness in the M Club Room

with Rev. Dr. Rachel Wetzsteon

This session features the Spiritual Component of health and well-being. Rev. Dr. Rachel Wetzsteon will highlight 7 Spiritual Principles for expressing our greatest human potential of purpose, happiness, love, peace, health, and intuition and speak to why this matters in our lives and in our leading. Based on her book, Radiantly Free: Recreating Life & Health from the Radiance of You, this will be further illustrated through 7 areas that we must “Free” to shift into our most radiant potential, healing, and happiness.


Breakout C: (occupational well being)

Be a Self-confident Woman in a Male-dominated Environment in the Indoor Club Room

with Monika Sattler, aka "RAD Monika" is an author, speaker and world record holder

Women often face discrimination or are negatively perceived for being ambitious and driven in the workplace, and may have a difficult time being perceived as, or treated like, an equal in a male-dominated environment. Self-confidence is one key that can help women excel in a male-dominated environment…like sport contexts! Learn the five key points how to increase self-confidence and uncover your talents.


11:10-12:10     JEAN K. FREEMAN KEYNOTE in the DQ Room

4 ringsfeaturing Cheryl Reeve, General Manager & Head Coach, Minnesota Lynx











1:00-2:00         BREAKOUT SESSION #2

Breakout D: (social, emotional well being)

Equilibria in Sports in the DQ room

with Lynn Kachmarik, Founder and CEO of True Brand Sports LLC

Equilibria in Sports is exploding around the world with youth, high school, college and professional sports. At Equilibria in Sports, we believe in realizing the potential in every individual and team.  We achieve this through harnessing the understanding of both personality and character to enhance communication, and elevate performance and effectiveness.  This workshop will give you a quick introduction to our two main tools, E-Colors and Personal Intervention. E-Colors will heighten your understanding of your own communication style, behavioral tendencies, strengths and potential limiters.  Personal Intervention is our proprietary tool that will teach you how to move from reacting to responding. The simplicity and ability to use what you learn in a short workshop separates this program from anything you have ever seen before. NOTE: Individuals attending this session MUST take the PDI survey prior to session [download the e-colors app on your phone, or go to the website www.equilibriainsports.com. Bottom line, know your e-color before the workshop!]

Breakout E:  (occupational well being)

Specifically designed for current student-athletes, or those who have recently graduated.

Your Next Play:  Confidently Transition from Sport to Career in the M Club Room

with Audra Emerson & Sara Wegmann

Her Next PlayStudent-athletes build incredible leadership skills through sport.  Yet it can be challenging to translate and market those skills and experiences to employers. During this interactive session, you will learn how to identify and articulate the transferrable skills you learned as an athlete, and reflect on your “superpower” – what strength differentiates you and drives your success? Through engaging exercises, you’ll practice how to more confidently tell your story and market your skills to employers.Build confidence in your skills and leave empowered to take bold steps to launch your career.  

Breakout F: (spiritual, occupational, emotional, financial, physical well being)

Panel: Navigating Career Changes In Coaching  in the Indoor Club Room

It is common knowledge that women coaches scrutiny, double standards, gender bias, and pay inequity that many, of not most, of their male colleagues do not. Due in part to the existing structure of coaching that privileges men, male coaches, and coaching behaviors associated with men and masculinity, many women coaches are often run out, fired, not renewed, stressed out, burned out or quit. As a result, women often find themselves navigating their next career move, sometimes unexpectedly but sometimes with intention.  On the panel, veteran women who have navigated career changes will share their insights, advice and best practices with attendees.

Moderator: Marci Kornegay, WeCOACH

Panelists: Faith Patterson Johnson (MN Hall of Fame Coach); Julie Manning (Executive Associate Athletics Director, Gopher Athletics); Susan Teeter (2018 WCS Jean Freeman Keynote), Becky Carlson "The Fearless Coach" (Head Women's Rugby Coach, Quinnipiac U)


2:05-2:35    AFTERNOON KEYNOTE  in the DQ room

Presented by TRIA


You are Not Alone, POWER UP!: How to use the Latest Data About and for Women Coaches

with Dr. Nicole M. LaVoi, Director of the Tucker Center and The Tucker Team = Anna Baeth, Courtney Boucher, Mikinzee Salo & McKenzie Arbeiter.

The Tucker Team is committed to conducting research about and for women coaches in order to positively change the occupational landscape. We have found that data matters and can be used to create social change, however not everyone knows the data--many false narratives exist about women coaches (e.g., women don't apply, women don't want to coach, women can't have a family and coach, men make better coaches). We continually collect data to help dispel false narratives and to uncover the factors that help women coaches survive and thrive. To that end, in this session we will share our latest research findings with you to help you POWER UP and create social change from the ground up. We'll share success stories of women and groups of women who are doing just that! Grassroot change is occuring locally, regionally, nationally and internationally and we want everyone, all WCS attendees, to be part of it. We will share information from the latest Women in Coaching Report Card Series©, supports for women coaches, and how to enlist and hold male allies accountable in the recruitment, hiring and retention of women coaches..and more! Become part of the #SHECANCOACH movement.

2:40-3:30    BREAKOUT SESSION #3

Breakout G: (spiritual, occupational, emotional, financial, physical well being)


The feedback we've gotten from past WCS attendees is to have more time for discussion and to learn from one another about common issues women coaches face. We'll break up by level and sport and have honest, open, facilitated discussions about topics relevant to you. An expert coach will lead small groups of coaches to share best practices, knowledge, and wisdom. Possible topics for discussion will include, but are not limited to, recruiting, dealing with sport parents, coaching and motherhood,  dealing with sexism/ harassment at work, enlisting the support of male allies, playbook for recruiting, taking care of yourself during the season, helping young coaches succeed, and strategies of success for recruiting and supporting women. The WCS participants have a LOT of collective wisdom and this will be a time where we learn from each other. It wraps up our theme of "taking care of coaches" as we take care of each other at the WCS.

Table Discussion Leaders & Topics

  • Mandy Green, Busy Coach: Work-Life Harmony
  • Emily Stets, Aspen Institute Project Play: Coaching Kids
  • Susan Teeter, 2018 WCS Keynote: Enlisting the support of male allies
  • Emily Cripe, Head soccer coach & SWA at Hamline U & Sheila McGill, Head soccer coach U St. Thomas: Coaching & Motherhood
  • Ellie Roscher, Play Like a Girl author: Modeling Balance for Your Athletes
  • Lea B. Olson, Founder of Rethink the Win: Can We Talk? Athletes spend a lot of time in their own heads. Concerned about being good enough, disappointing coaches, teammates and parents. What is the best way for coaches to find a consistent and effective way to connect with players? How do we handle tough topics such as playing time, family situations, race issues, or relationships and social media? Communication is key for chemistry so let's talk about it!

Breakout H: (social and emotional well being)


SELF THROUGH LONGLIFE JOURNEY: How to navigate through your life journey while maintaining connectivity to yourself with Dr. Guylaine Demers, Professor, Laval University, CANADA & Sylvie Beliveau, Senior Advisor, Women In Sports Initiative, McGill University, CANADA

Our journey in coaching is everything but a long, quiet river. People will come and go, different interferences will impact us (negative and positive ones), even our values will evolve. We are not the coach we were 10 years ago and we will not be the same coach 5 years from now. With all those changes during our career, there is one key element linked to our wellbeing and that is the notion of staying true to ourself. So, the question is how do we navigate through our life journey while maintaining connectivity to ourself? One way is to take many selfies at different moment in times. This session will present you with different tools to take the most accurate and helpful selfies over time so you can stay connected with your true self. Including tools are : life experiences inventory, stress level questionnaire, forced values questionnaire.

Taking Care of Coaches – The Role of Social Capital in the Coaching Environment with Dr. Alison Doherty, Professor, Sport Management, Western University, CANADA

Social capital is the trust, give and take, and shared understanding that may be produced and reproduced in a social connection. When generated among individuals, this ‘social energy’ may be an important resource for personal and group goal achievement. This presentation focuses on the development of social capital for women coaches, through both bonding and bridging connections with other coaches, support staff and stakeholders, and its impact on women’s attitudes and action in the coaching environment. Findings of research specifically focused on volunteer youth sport coaches will be presented, and the implications for building and using social capital in a range of coaching contexts will be discussed.


Breakout I: (financial well being)

Financial Well being for Coaches: A Guide to Life & Money in the DQ Room

Presented by: W@MS (Women at Morgan Stanley), WCS GOLD SPONSOR

Morgan Stanley logo

Sara Asatiani, CRPS®, CDFA®, Vice President, Financial Planning Specialist, Financial Advisor, Morgan Stanley

Brent Gray, CFP®, Associate Complex Manager, Family Wealth Advisor, First Vice President, Morgan Stanley

We all know Financial literacy is a MUST, but most of the time we are NOT taught how to handle even the most basic items.  This session is a safe space to talk ALL THINGS MONEY.  Join us as we answer questions about and share how we can help your athletes, coaches, & staff get “IN THE KNOW.”   We will bring the knowledge and inspiration and you bring the questions so we can get everyone on the path to MONEY success and happiness!

Our Mission:  “Inspiring Women (…& Men) to Work, Invest, and Lead with Passion & Purpose.”  W@MS Create Change

3:30-3:40        WRAP UP & RAFFLE WINNERS in DQ room

3:45-5:00       HAPPY HOUR SPONSORED BY adidas! at Buffalo Wild Wings.adidas logo

(social wellbeing...and general well being!)

 [optional, but you should stick around!] Attendees are invited to stay for happy hour following the WCS to continue conversations, network, catch up, and unwind "off the court." Happy Hour will be across the street (3mn walk from TCF Bank Stadium) at Buffalo Wild Wings.