Roxanne Prichard

Director, University of St. Thomas, Sleep Center for College Sleep

J. Roxanne Prichard, PhD (University of Wisconsin-Madison, Neuroscience, 2004) is a Professor of Neuroscience and Psychology at the University of St. Thomas in Minnesota. An award-winning researcher, speaker, and author, Dr. Prichard has spent the last fifteen years studying how college students sleep. She has designed popular courses on sleep and dreaming, led workshops for college health professionals on sleep, has published multiple peer-reviewed articles on sleep, and has presented numerous papers at national and international professional meetings. 

Dr. Prichard was a one-season, second-string DIII soccer player at Transylvania University until her STEM classwork overlapped too much with practice times. However, she has maintained a close connection to collegiate student athletics. At Bates College, she served as a faculty liaison for the soccer program from 2004-2006, and at St. Thomas she has worked closely with many athletic programs to promote healthy sleep. She served on the NCAA taskforce for Sleep and Well-being, and is a co-author on their consensus statement and review article: A Wake-up Call for Collegiate Athlete Sleep, published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine. She regularly consults with collegiate athletic programs about ways to assess, promote, and improve student-athlete sleep.


headshot of Dr. Roxanne Prichard, an adult woman in a black top