Kat Longshore

Owner & Mental Performance Coach, MoniKatCoaching LLC

What fuels Kat’s work is a passion for empowering athletes, coaches, and teams to be their best selves on the field and in life. Kat Longshore, Ph.D., has been coaching the mental side of sports for over 10 years, working with athletes, coaches, and teams across a variety of ages, sports, and levels, including National teams and Division I teams, and traveling to support during competitions and training camps. Kat takes a holistic approach and works within the whole team system to help athletes and coaches cultivate self-awareness, build trust, define identity, and perform at their best.

This extensive experience with teams has given Kat valuable insight into what it takes for coaches to perform at a high level and take care of themselves in the midst of it all. This knowledge informed her Ph.D., during which she focused on creating a program specifically designed to teach coaches practical mindfulness. Through this evidence-based stress and emotion management program, Kat works with coaches to develop deeper self-awareness, improve their ability to cope with stress and manage emotions, enhance focus, strengthen communication and connection, learn to pause and recharge, and create balance on and off the field.

Kat is co-owner of MoniKat Coaching LLC and is a perennial visiting assistant professor of psychology at Lafayette College in Easton, PA.

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Kat Longshore