Cindy Hunt

Chief Communications Officer, Journeous

Cindy has spent her career partnering to facilitate change through corporate leadership training and in public and private education. As a Division 1 soccer player, community coach and mother of two female collegiate athletes, Cindy understands the challenges and barriers that many female athletes and coaches encounter today and the importance of the growing network of women coaches. In her role as the Chief Communications Officer for Journeous, Cindy brings deep expertise and an interesting perspective as she trains others in Adaptive Communication, having lived and taught both domestically and internationally. Cindy has served as an educational consultant and state-wide education facilitator focused on improving student outcomes. She understands where athletes start and wants to ensure they have the skills to succeed after graduation. She's trained groups small and large, leaders and students, business and non-profit groups alike on the art of Adaptive Communication.

Throughout, her motivation is rooted in creating strong and empowered work and educational communities. Cindy has a Masters in Education from UC Irvine and a BS from Cornell University in Design and Environmental Analysis.

Headshot of cindy hunt, adult woman with brunette hair wearing a black top and her arms crossed