SPARK Presenters Revealed for WCS Line-up

Monday, March 12, 2018 - 4:30pm

We are excited to announce our SPARK PRESENTER line up for the 2018 WCS.

This year we added a SPARK! = Speak. Personally. About. Relevant. Knowledge component to the program because coaches have great experiences and wisdom to share. spark

We invited coaches to submit their “big idea”, best practice, lesson(s) learned, “how to”, or a novel idea. Coaches could also give advice, educate, motivate, provide insight, tell an inspirational or funny story, create awareness, or instigate a call to action. There’s only one rule... when 5 minutes have passed, the bell sounds and time is up!

We got an overwhelming response and have an amazing group of women SPARK Presenters which compliments our already high quality speaker list.

Scroll through the Speaker Bios to see who might SPARK you!