Expert Panel on "The Art of Negotiation" Announced for WCS

Wednesday, December 13, 2017 - 7:15am

According to a recent article in Forbes magazine, "The act of professional negotiation has a completely different definition for men than for women. For women, negotiation is seen as an improper act of appearing “greedy” or desperate. It is frowned upon by women, who are often intimidated by the act of asking for their worth in business and the workplace." Many women coaches fail to realize they possess numerous resources that continue to remain under-utilized, as well as have leverage and a unique value proposition (UVP; defines the replacement value of your professional contributions to workplace and departmental culture). Often women need assistance and the tools to help eliminate the stigma of asking and improve their negotiation skills, because they are often aware that negotiation might not always be in their best interest according to the Harvard Business Review.  How then, do women navigate the art of negotiation?

PanelistsA trio of highly experienced women with a variety of perspectives in collegiate athletics will lead a panel discussion on The Art of Negotiation for attendees of the Women Coaches Symposium. Lori Kerans, Julie Manning, and M. Dianne Murphy(pictured L to R) will share their advice, perspectives and insights on how women coaches can leverage their positions and negotiate more effectively in the marketplace.

Recently the Tucker Center added a resource to help women coaches realize their UVP titled, "The Women Coaches' Playbook for Being Hired and Retained."