Women Coaches Symposium 2021

Due to continued COVID-19 considerations, the Tucker Center has made the difficult decision to not hold a Women Coaches Symposium in the Spring of 2021.


The WCS provides high-quality educational programming, networking, professional development and community building for 350+ women coaches, administrators, students, and those who support women coaches, at all levels of competition and all sports.

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All of us experience various levels of mental wellbeing at different points in our life. Half of us will personally experience at least one mental health condition in our lifetime. And yet misconception and discrimination still exist, causing people to feel shame, suffer in silence and either not seek or be able to access treatment.

The Tucker Team will present latest research at WCS

tucker team 2Tucker Center Director LaVoi and The Tucker Team, Anna Baeth, Courtney Boucher, Mikinzee Salo & McKenzie Arbeiter, will deliver an afternoon WCS session "You are Not Alone, POWER UP!: How to use the Latest Data About and for Women Coaches." This se

Hall of Fame Coach Faith Johnson Patterson

FaithCoach Johnson Patterson is a two-time Minnesota State High School League Hall of Fame basketball coach and will bring a wealth of knowledge to the WCS on our "Navigating Career Changes" panel.

Watch our new documentary about women coaches!

Game OnWhile there has been an explosion of women participating in athletics since Title IX, only about 40% of them are coached by women.


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